"Colombia, spotlight of global investment." We are strategically located in Barranquilla, the city that is revolutionizing the industry and trading of the country. GET TO KNOW US, WE ARE THE FUTURE SCENARIO OF YOUR BUSINESS.


"South America’s economic miracle"

When talking about business, all the world is looking at Colombia.

Its excellent location in the middle of the American continent opens a wide array of financial opportunities in the hemisphere, and is additionally the only country in South America that has access to both oceans: Atlantic and Pacific. Adding to this its closeness to the Panama Canal and the fact that it’s the second economy that has grown the most in the last years, make it a very attractive country for any type of investment.


“Colombia’s Golden Gate”

Thanks to its strategic location, Barranquilla opens its gates with ease to any investment that seeks world-wide projection. It is the most important city of Colombia’s Caribbean Coast with a market of more than one million two hundred people. 

Besides being the main multipurpose port of the country, it is very close to the ports of Cartagena and Santa Marta and to the Ernesto Cortissoz international airport, one of the most modern ones of the country. Its land, sea, river, aerial and telecommunications infrastructure make it an enormous platform for commercial exchanges. 



We arrived for the benefit of many, but especially for the community; our commitment is not only with the industry, but also with the improvement of living standards from Juan Mina's residents, a town located 5 km southern from Barranquilla's urban area, on the prolongation of the 38th street also named the Lagoon.

Juan Mina is our environment, because of it we are managing projects sowed in children, teens and adults: respect, tolerance and the importance of defending rights and cultural identities. We have also assumed a great commitment with the formation of all those who are interested in increasing their labor opportunities to live in a future with their families a worthy and prosperous life as they deserve it.

Zona Franca La Cayena is located 26 km from the port of Barranquilla and 10 minutes from its urban área, at Kilometer 8 vía Tubará, which is exactly in the small town Juan Mina. Since the industrial development of the city has affected our area of influence, we have worked with the community in matters as crucial as construction and sustainable development for the communities, road infrastructure, employment, business ideas and education. By doing so, the population of Juan Mina progresses in the same way as La Cayena, Barranquilla, and the Atlantic Coastal region do.